Two-time Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko took part in an official training session on Feb. 12, held on the spare rink of the Iceberg Arena at the Olympic Park in Sochi. The skater performed his most famous series of jumps – a unique 4T–3T–3Lo (quadruple toe loop-triple toe loop-triple loop) combination.  

During the session, Plushenko also performed a cascade of quadruple and triple loops, in which he made a tiny mistake. He succeeded in performing almost all of the jumps, although there had been difficulties with quadruple toe-loop and triple Axel jump.

“The training went just as we had planned,” said Plushenko’s coach Alexey Mishin. He also pointed out that there were some mistakes, but that there was extra pressure on the athlete because he was skating on home ice.

The men’s singles figure skating tournament will begin on Thursday with the short program. Plushenko, the only Russian athlete in the competition, will perform first during the second group. 

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