The schedule of the men’s biathlon 15 km mass start has been changed for the second time due to weather conditions. The delay is caused by dense fog, which has dominated the Laura ski and biathlon center for two days. The race had already been postponed once, from Sunday until Monday, but the weather conditions still do not allow for the race to be conducted as planned.  

Men's biathlon isn't the only Olympic discipline being affected by the snowboard cross qualifying race, which should also have been held on Monday morning was canceled. It has not yet been rescheduled.

Chief meteorologist Valery Lukyanov has said that the weather will get better during the day, but the evening will bring the fog back to the mountains.  So far, organizers are not saying whether or not the women’s biathlon 12.5 km mass start, scheduled for 7 p.m., will take place as planned. 

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