Sochi residents and guests of the Olympic host city got the opportunity to discover something new about the history of Stanley Cup - the legendary National Hockey League prize which is presented to the winners of the playoffs.

The famous trophy was brought to the capital of the Winter Olympics 2014 on Feb. 17. Shortly after arriving, the Stanley Cup Hall of Fame's vice-president and keeper Phil Prichard showed the Cup to the journalists at a press conference.

 "The Olympic games represent one of the very best tournaments. This is a great opportunity to share the history of the Stanley Cup with sportsmen and fans. Of course, we want to tell a story of those wonderful moments," said Prichard.

During the press conference the Prichard was accompanied by two-time Olympic Champions and winners of the Stanley trophy  Vyacheslav Fetisov and Igor Larionov and Olympic Champions and Stanley Cup holders Valeriy Kamensky and Vladimir Malakhov.