Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina, who became famous as members of the Russian punk band Pussy Riot, have been detained in Sochi, near the port, according to a message posted by Tolokonnikova on her Twitter Account.

Tolokonnikova's husband Peter Verzilov said that the activists were first detained by officers of the Border Service, and then policemen appeared. According to reports, the women are being held in a paddywagon, accused of theft. 

According to a tweet posted by journalist Evgeny Feldman, the police arrested seven people, including him, Tolokonnikova and Alyokhina. Feldman said that the police promised to release those detained after interrogation in the police department.

Tolokonnikova said earlier that she and Alyokhina came to Sochi to perform some songs as part of Pussy Riot. Verzilov added that activists were going to shoot a music video.

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